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Stripe Party at Essential

02/14/09 | Club Events | 0 comments

Katherine Ellis is one of the most respected and versatile vocalists and topline writers in the industry today. She is currently performing extensively throughout the World with her vast back catalogue including the huge recent club hits ASBO’s ‘Let The Beat Hit ‘Em’ and Wilder & Clarke’s ‘Stand Up’, both released on the Hed Kandi label in 2007, Lost by Roger Sanchez as well as the anthem ‘Make A Move On Me’ by Joey Negro and  now ‘When you touch me’ by The Freemasons.

Ritma Instituts


Red Bull Music Academy Workshop

01/14/08 | Workshops | 0 comments

This year first time in Latvia Red Bull Music Academy is planing to make a workshop in association with Ritma Instituts!


Ritma Instituts


12/21/07 | Festivals | 0 comments

The annual competition of MC’s will take place for 7th year. It is a totally unique event that will definitely catch the attention of the media and will guarantee positive exposure. Every year in April young aspiring MC’s from all over Latvia will gather at one special event, to find out who has the best rhymes, most recognizable stage presence, unmistakably distinctive style and the skills to come out on top under pressure, on stage in front of a full house audience.

Ritma Instituts

Extreme sports and music event Open Street

12/21/07 | Events. | 0 comments

Open Street event on 23th of September in Vērmaņa Squere.

Ritma Instituts

"HIP X HOP" Awards 2006

12/21/07 | Festivals. | 0 comments

First time in Latvian Hip hop and Extreme sports history - HIP X HOP Awards.


Ritma Instituts

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